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Clinical Research supports the benefits of dermal fillers and Neurotoxins (Botox® / Dysport® / Xeomin®) for the rejuvenation of aging skin.The Journal of American Medical Association is one of many resources where patients can find education on the safety and effectiveness of Aesthetic Cosmetic Injections.

Our healthcare team consist or our Physician / Medical Director, a nurse practitioner and an experienced Aesthetic Registered Nurse.

Patient will receive a History and Physical (H&P) with the provider and a consultation of the desired service and procedure with the healthcare team.

Patients receive their prescriptive treatment safely and comfortably with optimal patient satisfaction.

Patients receive these rejuvenation and renewal procedures from a well-respected and dependable medical professional. These procedures require a trained certified nurse under the direction of a healthcare provider to perform aesthetic minimally invasive surgical procedures.

Lux offers a comprehensive HIPAA compliant and interactive virtual EHR which provides state of the art communication and documentation between the patient and the healthcare team.

Our patient portal provides ease accesing your records, communications with the providers and nursing staff and the convenience of processing financial transactions.

Our LUX Electronic Health Record (EHR) provides patient reminders via email and text for appointments and other important communications.

Patients access their education on products, medical services, pre-procedure instructions, post-treatment information and teaching online and face-to-face communication.

Our 24-hour Nurse Line is available to all patients for any questions, concerns or issues.

Post treatment follow ups are conducted with each patient within 24 hours.

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