What is permanent make-up and what to expect during your permanent make-up appointment

microblading eyebrow Permanent make-up (PMU) is a cosmetic technique which employs tattoo methods of producing designs that resemble makeup, such as eye lining, microblade brows, powder brows, shaded brows, and lip blushing. Your PMU artist will talk to you about what you are looking for before doing anything. This discussion will include questions around your lifestyle (if you are in the sun a lot for example), the products you use on your face, as well as your skin type. Then, she will map out the area being tattooed with a pen or pencil. The PMU artist will then have you look to approve a mapped drawing and determine if any adjustments need to be made to your service. mapping 2

Once you approve the mapped out drawing, your artist will apply a topical numbing cream so that you are comfortable during the service. The face can be more sensitive; therefore, most PMU artists numb the area beforehand, as well as use a secondary numbing while working on the area.

Once you are numb, the artist will start the permanent makeup procedure. There are a couple of different modalities to do this, but the most popular method is done with a tattoo machine. Your artist will likely do what she calls “passes” for your eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips. “Passes” is simply just how many times the artist goes over the area to ensure good saturation. It typically takes 2-4 passes depending on the artist and your skin type. The best way to imagine this would be if you were coloring in a coloring book. You might do one pass of color with a crayon, but then decide to do more if you want the area you are coloring to look darker.

We keep my customers informed and engaged throughout the entire process.  Once your service is completed you will be sent home with post care instructions to follow.  Customers who follow the post care instructions will have amazing results!

Permanent makeup is a wonderful solution for women who are tired of filling in their eyebrows, eyeliner, and/or lipstick every day, and for those who would like a subtle lip color or more of a defined lip if their lip line has faded over the years.

Permanent Cosmetics, Micropigmentation, Permanent Makeup, Derma pigmentation, Cosmetic Tattooing, Microblading… No matter how you say it, it is feeling confident and naturally beautiful every day.  Our permanent makeup artist will make you feel beautiful around the clock. We create natural-looking makeup that does not wash away at the end of the day.

Permanent makeup – also known as cosmetic tattooing – is a service that provides the look of brows, eyes, and lips in a tattooed format. It is done with a tattoo machine or microblade for brows, by a licensed and trained PMU artist. This is where you need to do your research, in the state of Texas, PMU artist are not required to have any professional education or training.  They need to only purchase a license.  ALWAYS ask your PMU artist if they have gone through professional training.

A PMU artist specializes in the face (brows, eyeliner, and lip blushing), and in some cases, does nipple and areola tattoos as well. A PMU artist evaluates your facial features, skin tone, and any contraindications that might impact your healed results when working with you. They will typically offer a consultation prior to your service, whether it be prior to the appointment or just before. There are typically three main steps to having PMU done:

  • The pre-draw/mapping out of the area to be performed on.
  • Numbing- medical spas are licensed to use medical grade numbing cream that day spas, brow bars, etc. cannot use.
  • The permanent make-up process itself.

Save Time & Look Beautiful 24/7.  Permanent makeup does not just enhance your natural beauty. It changes peoples’ lives, just ask anyone who now has permanent eyebrows that had none before; or someone with a seriously misshapen lip line that has a new confidence because her lip line is improved.

What you should know before deciding to get Permanent Makeup

Select your Permanent Makeup technician carefully. Do not make your decision based on price. What is most important is the reputation, experience, skill, knowledge, credentials, and training of the permanent makeup artist. Photos should always be available to see the artist work. You should feel extremely comfortable and have all your questions answered during your consultation for you to make your decision an educated one.

The pigments used for micro-pigmentation are high quality inorganic and organic colorants. While they have a historically long safety record and allergic reactions are exceedingly rare, there is not a reliable test that a technician can give to determine the occurrence of an allergic reaction. The history of tattooing has shown the great majority of tattoos and permanent makeup to be safe and free of adverse effects.

The first step is a scheduled consultation to obtain a current health history and to obtain pre-treatment advice and procedure information. A follow-up procedure is recommended within 6 weeks. The result depends on the client’s commitment to following post care instructions, the body’s ability to heal, and the skill of the technician.

Your permanent make-up procedure is a decision you should be comfortable with. Please reserve the requested amount of time and follow the pre-treatment advice and procedures to assure your experience will be a positive one.

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