Select this beautiful Lux-ury Gift Card for your special someone. It can be picked up in person or mailed USPS in a fragrant Lux Stationary Logo greeting card with any greeting desired and a lovely floral fragrant envelope to the address of your choosing. Lux-ury Gift cards also come in a beautiful white sleeve with a black ribbon and the amount of the gift card is written on the protective sleeve. The Lux Greeting Card will share the various services and products available for purchase with their new Lux-ury Gift Card so they can select the actual gift they desire most. This is the Lux-ury Gift everyone wants whether this is a special occasion or just the perfect "I Love You" gift!


Please specify your

1) Recipient's Name

2) Receipent's Mailing Address

3) The date by which you want the card to arrive

4) The Stationary handwritten Greeting exactly as you desire.

5) Who this gift is from

6) Please provide the purchaser's name, address and email for our records and for the return address on the envelope.


NOTICE: If you are wanting your gift card as a E-Card for immediate email delivery, Please do not purchase this item. This is for a physical glossy plastic traditional Gift Card to be used in person at our Lux Aesthetic Medspa location in Van Alstyne, TX. If you are wanting a E-Card for Email delivery, please select Get a Gift Card from the button on our home page. Do not purchase this item if you are wanting an Gift delivered via email. Thank you, Lux

$750 Gift Card - Glossy Card & Custom Lux Stationary (See Description)

  • Gift Cards usually arrive promptly with other mail to your address as your normal dielivery. Please provide a date 10 to 30 days in advance when you would like your fbeautiful Lux-ury Gift Card to arrive to your special someone.

    Please allow 10 business days minimum for local USPS delivery in Texas. Please allow 14 business days minimum for USPS delivery in 48 Continental US State delivery.

    Please allow 30 business days minimum for USPS delivery in Hawaii or Alaska.

    We do not ship Lux-ury Gift Cards outside of the United States.

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