Ultra 10 Lotion – Great for all skin types. A fast acting, light weight lotion formulated with 10% non-buffered Glycolic Acid. Designed to visibly reduce signs of aging and dry skin, diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Improves skin tone and texture and improves skin discoloration with extended and regular use. Brightens skin giving you more radiant complexion. It stimulates the exfoliation cycle to produce healthier skin and stimulate production of collagen. It is reported that Glycolic Acid will stimulate more than 300 % improvement in fresh collagen deposition within 30 days. Generating microscopic exfoliation creating more healthy tissue. Directions: Shake well, Tap top of bottle to palm of hand. Apply to clean dry skin. Only apply 1 pea sized drop to each side of the face, 1 pea size drop to neck and chin, 1 pea sized drop to chest. Do not massage. Dab thinly and evenly over skin. Use 1 time daily at bedtime for 30 days. You may increase to twice daily use with your skin care routine.  Must stop use of this product 48 hours before aggressive medical skin care treatment as laser resurfacing or any microdermabrasion. You must wait 48 hours after these procedures to resume use of this product. May wear under makeup and must use a quality sunscreen over this product if there is any exposure to sunlight.

Acute Derm Ultra 10 Face Lotion 30 ml pump

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