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The IR (Skin Tightening) mode is designed to apply thermal damage deep into the dermis to ease fine lines and wrinkles. The unique hand piece creates a thermal wound in the dermis, while sparing the epidermis through contact with the thermoelectric cooled light guide. The wound healing effect shrinks the dermis, creating the desired tightening effect. The modality is indicated for almost every part of the body that could benefit from the increased collagen and elastin.

Whether you have had recent weight loss after dieting or pregnancy, aging, or just want to maintain their youthful appearance, almost everyone can benefit from the results of our Skin Tightening procedure. While a client may notice an immediate result after only one treatment, four to five treatments are usually needed for full effect. The IR is tremendous as a stand-alone service, as well as coupled with other services, such as Skin Rejuvenation with the SR, Hydro Dermabrasion, Micro Needling and many others. 

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