Spider Vein Treatment

Spider Veins are the tiny little broken clusters of spidery like patches near the nose and on the cheeks. Some cover the entire side of the face. They are most prevalent around the nares. They are superficial meaning, near the surface area of the skin.

Although they are harmless healthwise, they can be viewed as undesireable by clients looking for a more healthy complexion.

Treatments to remove spider veins include sclerotherapy, laser and intense pulsed light (IPL).

At Lux, we provide a alternative to Sclerotherapy injections and uncomfortable Laser treatments.

Lux has state of the art IPL spider vein treatments available at an affordable price. A free provider consultation can help you decide what is the recommended treatment plan to treat the problem based on the location and size of your spider veins.

  • Sclerotherapy In this procedure, the physician uses a small needle to inject medication into the lining of a vein. While the technique is effective for small veins, many specialists do not recommend sclerotherapy near the nose or on the face because the medication can discolor or damage the skin. Furthermore, veins on the face may drain to the brain.
  • Laser therapy This minimally invasive, ultrasound-guided method delivers heat to the vein, causing it to close and disappear over time. Most patients need more than one treatment, 6-12 weeks apart, to completely remove spider veins from the skin.
  • IPL This technique uses an intense, broad-spectrum pulse of light to heat and close small spider veins. Because the light is so concentrated, at the correct seeting, it does not damage surrounding tissue. It is calibrated to match the condition of the skin being treated. IPL using the Lux Cool Tip is virtually painless and has become the most accepted and well known method treatment of superficial veins.

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